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Angela Needham RSHom
Angela Needham RSHom
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Angela has been practicing homeopathy for nearly 20 years and been a fully registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, the largest and oldest UK register of homeopaths since 1990.


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Angela Needham RSHom. decided to become a homeopath, having experienced its benefits to her and family and friends.

She studied for four years at the London college of Homeopathy before starting her practice in Sheffield.

In 1994 she went to Bulgaria to teach homeopathy to medical practitioners and others there. She returned to England in 1999 since when she has been practising in Chester and Neston, as well as working with the Society of Homeopaths to further the development and understanding of Homeopathy.
Homeopathy is a medical system, which is gentle and holistic. It is based on the insights of Samuel Hahnemann, who was a doctor and pharmacist of the 18th century. He developed the principle of “ like cures like” which had been postulated by Hippocrates.

As a result of his experiments to find a way of administering medicines in a way, which did not cause “side effects”, he discovered the process of potentising remedies using very small dose. He recognised that when someone is ill the whole person, not just a particular body organ, is affected, and that therefore it is the person who needs to be treated and not just the pathology.

When patients first visit a homeopath they are asked to describe their feelings and their medical and life history as well as their physical symptoms. The homeopath aims to find a remedies or medicines which most completely match the needs of each individual.

Two people may have the same diagnosis but they experience their symptoms in their own unique way, so they need a treatment, which is also specific to them. It is those things, which make you different from any one else, which can be most useful therefore in indicating the remedy, which will be most likely to help your body and mind to heal.

Homeopathy can often be helpful in many mental and emotional problems, just because it does treat everyone as a unique dynamic whole. It can help children with behavioural and developmental difficulties, or who have been upset by events in their life, whether this has led to physical symptoms, such as frequent tummy aches, headaches or bed wetting for example or to problems such as fears, timidity, or aggression. It can be helpful to people who are suffering from grief, insecurity, loneliness, depression etc. however these problems may manifest.

Long Term (chronic) Conditions
Many people suffer from long standing chronic problems. These can include debilitating complaints such as arthritis, MS, or allergies, asthma, and skin conditions, IBS, ME etc. Each person with chronic health problems has individual needs and frequently homeopathic treatment can at least prevent further deterioration and often achieve much more. It can help at all stages of disease progression, at all ages of life and can be used alongside other treatments including conventional medicine, where this is appropriate.

Short Term (acute) Conditions

Acute illnesses can respond well to homeopathy, often removing the need for antibiotics, and especially in cases where such conventional treatment is ineffective or inappropriate. Homeopathic treatment at the time of an acute illness can prevent the development of complications, which can lead to chronic problems later.

Changes of Life
Homeopathy is an excellent treatment for people experiencing difficulties during the major transitions of life such as menopause and puberty, as well as for people who have become ill due to other life changes such as job losses and retirement. It is very effective for women’s health problems and is safe to use during pregnancy

Angela Needham
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