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Welling Dentists - MS Darr & Associates
Creating beautiful smiles
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Why let a smile ruin your image? At the Welling Smile Clinic our Orthodontic Specialists create beautiful smiles for individuals from all walks of life.


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More information about our services

What does your smile say about you?

Your eyes and smile are features that are first noticed by people you meet. First impressions matter. Research shows we make snap judgements on the social and intellectual status of others based on their smiles.

Our team of specialists offer a full range of cosmetic dental care including Tooth Whitening, Veneers, Implants and Orthodontics.

However small or complex your needs, we provide cosmetic care to fit your needs.

What makes us different to the rest?

The Smile Clinic is a cosmetic dental service provided by M S Darr & Associates. We pride ourselves as a caring, friendly family practice. We have in-house orthodontic specialists as well as a visiting implant team who also teach at Guy's Dental Hospital..

We encourage you to take control and involve you fully in all decision making regarding your cosmetic care.

A full range of cosmetic care is available, starting from the simplest white filling, to advanced full arch implants.

The very latest tooth conserving orthodontic care is always offered as an alternative to conventional and increasingly outdated cosmetic care. Visit our website to see our invisible braces!

A free written cosmetic care plan with costs, is included in your free consultation.

An extensive portfolio of recent cases is on hand to view.
We guarantee a no-pressure, no-obligation experience.

Our client led approach leaves you in charge.

Our ethos: 'maximum aesthetics with minimum detriment to healthy teeth'.

To that end, we will always advise you on how best to enhance your smile whilst being kind to your teeth. The preservation of your teeth is as important to us as the aesthetics of your smile.

We specialise in orthodontics and recommend the latest invisible braces whenever possible, avoiding un-necessary tooth reduction whenever possible.

And we care about your budget!

Not everyone can extend to porcelain veneers or implants. With our cost effective composite veneers, smile lifts are possible for around a thousand pounds. This makes us exceptional value for money.

Porcelain veneers are hand-crafted by Knight Design. This multi-award winning cosmetic laboratory is responsible for many smiles on TV and the catwalk.
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